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C S Gleason
Austin, Texas

-My Not-So-Silent Movie-
Cast of Characters:

Brian Akers
Lee Alexander
Eric Austin
Philip Dewey
C S Gleason
Matt Hubbard
Todd Pertll
Kevin Stout

Interview  by Daniela Ianculovici

Tell about the new record:

"My Not-So-Silent Movie" is an original soundtrack to an imaginary movie. Each song is its story and are part of the story arc. The lyics are open enough for a listener to reflect their own meanings. Each time someone listens to this record or see the live performance, there should be details and ideas ready to be discovered as if they were new. It feels good from car stereo to parties to to stage to headphones.

What's the difference between this and a "rock opera":

Songs on this record are character introductions, situations, resolutions not a direct telling of the story. The track were carefully ordered for the audio experience, not necessarily in the chronological order of the story. The performance visuals are developing. The live show will follow the order of events when these are done.

Tell us about the story:

[Please see the Backstory page.]

Why should we care?

Any of us could be one or more of these characters. Life is not 2-dimensional, black-and-white, all good or all evil. Life has layers, circumstances that shape our actions and us. So does this story and this record. Layers of interest easily enjoyed to situations people have faced our entire existence in the same song. Good doing Evil for Good's sake and vice-versa.

My expression with this record started with the same questions that face you. And then how would we react in the same circumstances?

Do you identify with the bad guy?

I relate to the redeeming qualities he may have once had and the feeling of being locked into a pattern of behavior because of circumstance or lost innocence. I don't relate very well to the actions he takes or choices he's made and hope I'd choose differently.

Why did you make this record?

I made this record because I'm really happy with the songs and ideas and how the whole thing has developed. I want to bring my music to a wider audience and to capture examples of my work at this point in time. This record means so much to me, from the concept and songs to showing friends and family what I can do to having a professional disc to develop my career. I think this is the record that will get me to my next goal: playing festivals.

What are your influences?

Motown, Chris Cornell, Jeff Buckley, some Jazzers, some electronica. My friends, our discussions, playing together, drinks, asking questions. I'm usually more influenced by the ideas themselves than their expression.

How would you describe your music?

Rock with solid arrangements, expressive vocals, powerful guitars and a rhythm section that makes ya dance.

Are you a spiritual person?


What spiritual elements are you trying to express?

Good doing Evil for Good's sake, Evil doing Good for Evil's sake. Unintended consequences and the grey areas of life that seem to inspire spiritual questions.

How is this reflected in the record?

Two examples in the story: Eve betrays our hero to save his life; the bad guys are killed by their own kind, freeing the "heroes" who are unkown to them.

What do you want your audience to take from this record?

A sense of fulfillment, happiness and it'd be cool if it sparked ideas and questions. Most people can identify with elements of each character and circumstances that influence their behavior. You don't have to know the backstory to enjoy the record.

If no one listened, would you still sing?

Yes. Making what to sing is for me. Experiencing the way a song changes through people and time is for a few of us and performance is connection with all of us.

What is your best personality trait?

Applied optimism.

What is your worst personality trait?

I'm obtuse sometimes, with unintended consequences...maybe like using the word "obtuse" in an interview.