C S Gleason
Austin, Texas

-My Not-So-Silent Movie-
Cast of Characters:

Brian Akers
Lee Alexander
Eric Austin
Philip Dewey
C S Gleason
Matt Hubbard
Todd Pertll
Kevin Stout


Backstory:  "My Not-So-Silent Movie"


Years ago the boyfriend of Leon's mother beat her for the last time. A quiet slip of the razor bled away the drunkard's rage while he slept. The judge remarked that someone so cold and reptilian deserved to be with his own kind. The young Leon went to prison, survived "krymnal kollej" and learned the lessons well. After watching a flood of financial scandals in the media, Leon decided he could apply his skills more effectively if he learned to wear a suit when he got out. He could have gone a different path, but it is all about momentum of experience and who you know.

Today Leon is a mid-level collector for his "investment group" and has excellent taste in clothing. Well into his career he started a side project of laundering some of the group's money in his mother's name. When she became suddenly ill, the legal implications and likely exposure caused problems. Leon bet that his value as an earner would keep him alive and told his boss. Leon was right and the organization's resources came to the rescue. As a reprimand for this mistake he agreed to deliver the tip of his left pinky finger, washed and clean, in a small gold box.

During the last few weeks, the money has been trickling the last reserve of money out of his mother's name at a quiet rate to avoid attention.  If she dies before the transactions are complete, the operation could be exposed and mother and son are likely to be buried together. Leon has spared no expense on treatments, doctors, hospital visits and healing practices of questionable value. He has sent research specialists to find miracles. Today Mother has taken a turn for the worse.


Connor discovered that he could help sick people in his early teens. His pal came down with pneumonia. The boy's mother reported to the local paper that Connor came over for a visit and tried to wake his friend by tapping him on the arm. The woman said she saw a soft blue flash in the darkened room and her son was immediately healed. A minor whirl of media blew in the usual crazies and debunkers. This spooked Connor and he continued to remain low-key about his talent even after the frezy passed. Connor began his travels in the world when he turned 18 years old. He liked the anonymity of short stays and helping those who crossed his path.

The body has a natural drive maintain healthy equilibrium. Connor's talent accelerates this process. Healthy persons might feel a pleasant sensation if he brushes them by accident. Sadly, Connor discovered his talent could have dark consequences.

Connor found out that his estranged father was in serious condition and returned home. When Connor reached him, his father was in the final stages of his illness. He begged his son to help him. Connor agreed and then watched his act of kindness turn to agony. Neither of them knew his father was too far gone, past any chance of a return to health. The body ate itself, his poisoned core devouring remaining healthy tissues. The old man's wretched howls clawed and scratched their way down the hospital hallway and scarred anyone who heard them.

Connor has recovered from the death of his father as much as anyone can. Then he met Eve.

Love Interest:

Eve's natural beauty is a beacon to men and a warning to women. Treated as a trophy most of her life and often the target of unwanted attention, she was often attracted to men who could chase off the jackals. Unfortunately, it takes one to know one and these men weren't much better.

Life blessed Eve with intelligence equal to her beauty. Her test was to overcome the paralysis of too many available choices. It was easier to be swept along with the glitter and shiny people, eventually her interest in the sparkle faded. Eve worked hard to be someone else and find other ways but change is difficult when a devil knows your name.

Eve is one of a few searchers Leon sent to find alternative treatments for his mother. She stumbled on the trail of our hero by following rumors floating through several hospitals. Eve's work as an insurance investigator made it easy to track the trail of good deeds. Connor is good and genuine, nothing like the usual company she has known. By the time she found him, Eve is already halfway in love.

Our story begins...

Now it is today and Connor has been asked to help a man's mother who seems to be in a similar state as his father was. Connor refuses, explaining the likely consequences. This sets off a chain of events including Eve's betrayal of their love to save Connor's life, kidnapping, murder, escape and in the end, redemption.