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C S Gleason
Austin, Texas

-My Not-So-Silent Movie-
Cast of Characters:

Brian Akers
Lee Alexander
Eric Austin
Philip Dewey
C S Gleason
Matt Hubbard
Todd Pertll
Kevin Stout


New Electric Record:  "My Not-So-Silent Movie"

"My Not-So-Silent Movie" is a soundtrack to an imaginary film. This is a story of unintended consequences: good causing evil for good's sake and vice versa. Love, betrayal, death and redemption splashed out with dynamic guitars, soaring melodic vocals, hooks, harmonies, and a rhythm section that will throw you into dance.

The project started simply: I wanted to write a narrative song from the bad guy's perspective, like Pete Townshend's "Behind Blue Eyes". Six tunes spilled out, characters and a story began to develop. Inspiration dried up and still no bad guy song. I bought some screenwriting books and wrote a screenplay to help imagine context of the rest of the songs.

The work is conceptual but not a rock opera or musical. Tracks on My Not-So-Silent Movie introduce characters, describe situations and resolutions without narrating a plot. Each song stands on its own without need to understand the story arc.  

General information

Live: -lovescratch- is a rock power-trio led by me, C S Gleason. The lineup for each show depends on the availability of the musicians. Their names are in the left sidebar under "Cast of Characters". I feel fortunate to know all of these people.

Read the interview by my friend Daniela Ianculovici for more details about -lovescratch- and "My Not-So-Silent Movie".

Free Test Production  Downloads

The following tracks are the live drum, base and guitar tracks overdubbed with keys, lead and background vocals to map out ideas for the final recordings. "Holdin' On", "Caught Between Red & Black" and "Foster" are my favs right now. Left-click to listen in your browser (if supported). Right-click to download the files to your machine at your own risk.    
Thank you for listening. If you'd like, send your thoughts to: lovescratch@gmail.com

At The Edge (Harmony Map).mp3: Introduction of Protagonist.

Caught Between Red&Black.mp3: She does something bad to save his life.

Foster.mp3: Bonus Track

Holdin' On (harmony map).mp3: Will their love be strong enough?

In Hiding (harmony map).mp3: Escape from the killers...for now.

mother cries for freedom.mp3: True sorrow.

Target (harmony map).mp3: Introduction of Love Interest. She's a target for the uninvited.

They Meet.mp3:That magic moment.

Antagonist: Introduction of Bad Guy.

Your Tears Ain't Holy Water.mp3: She confesses the bad thing she did to save him...all he can hear is betrayal.